Thursday, April 30, 2009

From Florida

So, I hear more and more family members & friends are visiting our blog on a regular basis... wow. I started this quite awhile ago - and with all the social sites out there (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc...), I never imagined friends and family would still visit our Blogger! I've been proved wrong... So, I am making a promise to be better about updating it.

As most know, we have been going through our "times"... I've continued doing Real Estate, despite a "changed" market, took a "JOB" in October with a Music Education company which ended up laying everyone off in February. Thankfully, Real Estate has been keeping us alive. I recently got a Job Offer, which I will announce in the near future, where I will be helping a company with all of their Sales, Customer Care, and Marketing. A piece of this will be taking the company into the Social "Internet" Media World... something I've been very interested in.

Today, I am writing from Orlando, Florida. We've been here with Grandpa & Grandma Bordes, Chris & Alisa, and the Vandagriff's (Amy & Dave & crew) since Saturday morning. We left Friday morning and due to flight delays and United Airlines drama, it took us 18 hrs to finally get to Florida.

We are excited to be here... staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. The boys love it - our room overlooks an African prarie with Giraffes, Zebras, etc... roaming outside our Hotel room.

I will update soon with pictures and stories from our trip!

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